Trends Discussed: 1/27/2011, Thursday: During PVCIG meeting.

Written by Super User

These are the trends that were spotted during the PVCIG meeting on Thursday, 1/27/2011.


Trend Spotter: Robert Marin

1. Trend of Destabilization of the General Business Climate Due to Social Unrest and Volatility of the Situation in the Philippines and the World, i.e. investigations, Armed Forces, the Egypt situation and also Queensland, Australia.


Business Opportunities:


--setting up a PR agency to counteract destabilization

--company that looks and harvests for champions in every industry/training them on the way to retrench in the private sector and in the government

--organize a private army (mercenaries)

--establishing/manufacturing/inventing bomb indicators and sell for protection



Trend Spotter: Sheryl Guzman

2. Everyone is Very Busy Doing Their Own Tasks and Priorities

There is a lot of multi-tasking happening now due to telecommunications, information technology and the Internet.


Business Opportunities:


--form an outsource of express delivery on a lot of items that cannot be handled by the households

--"do it for me" business

--robotics to make robots do services for the people similar to what Toyota robots are doing

--establish a cloning company so that people can be cloned to do other work.







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