For OFW's


OFWs are Filipinos who are working in the US, Europe, the Middle East and other foreign countries who want to invest in projects in the Philippines.


Or, the OFW may have a project he or she wants to start out in the Philippines and are looking for contacts, resources, partners and other people they can work with in the Philippines.


What Can You Get From Philvencap?

  1. You can raise cash or other resources you need for your project in starting out your business.
  2. Meet potential business partners you can work with in the Philippines.
  3. Scan different projects that interest you and eventually invest in these projects if you have the cash, but have no project.
  4.  Get advice from the Core members you personally meet or come in contact with thru e-mail, text or live telephone communication.

Do You Need to Become a Member?

Being a member qualifies you to receive minutes/details of each meeting and all other forum activities.


You are constantly reminded before each meeting.


You develop business relationships with other attendees and get to know them better thru each meeting you attend.


You meet many people in one sitting with the same interest as you have.

How to Become a Member

There are 2 ways to become a member:


  • Local (Real-World) Membership
    • This means you are based in the Philippines, and you are able to attend 4 consecutive Philvencap meetings upon the invitation of a Core Member, or by signing up here.
  • International (Virtual) Membership
    • This means you are not based in the Philippines, but you have applied for membership and have been approved. This also means that Philvencap will make special arrangements so you can receive the full minutes of each meeting.

You can start your membership process now by clicking here.





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