For Entrepreneurs



  • Pitch your business plan to serious investors & angels who will nurture your vision.
  • Network with top decision makers & leaders of today's new economy.

What Can You Get From PhilVenCap?

Being part of the PhilVenCap Forums gives entrepreneurs 3 unique opportunities:

  1. They are given a free venue for pitching their business ideas to a captive group of serious & interested angel investors.
  2. New entrepreneurs gain valuable advice & feedback from veterans regarding their venture project ideas.
  3. Finally, they are allowed a forum where they can show prototype products & services that they can produce & offer on a larger scale in connection with their venture projects.

Do You Need To Become A Member?

To safeguard the privacy (and schedules) of our investor-members, only entrepreneurs who apply for membership can freely submit their business plans for inclusion in our database.

Although nothing beats actually being in the forum to stimulate potential investor interest.

Because the forums are designed to facilitate the exchange of information, ideas, and business cards, the only way to really benefit from it is to be a part of it.

How To Join

There are 2 ways to become a member:

  • Local (Real-World) Membership
    • This means you are based in the Philippines, and you are able to attend 4 consecutive PhilVenCap meetings upon the invitation of a core member, or by signing up here.
  • International (Virtual) Membership
    • This means you are not based in the Philippines, but you have applied for membership and have been approved. This also means that PhilVenCap will make special arrangements so you can receive the full minutes of each meeting, and grant you access to members-only databases.

You can start your membership process now by clicking here.





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