Business Angels


Business Angels are private individuals who are either retired, employees or who are in business themselves or who have capital or cash and invest in small start-up companies. They usually invest their personal funds and are very “hands-on” oriented in managing the companies they invest in. They become co-owners of the businesses they invest in.


These private individuals who are Business Angels usually work very quietly and do not identify themselves as Business Angels in public.


What Can You Get From Philvencap?

  1. You can get good start-up or mezzanine type projects that need your capital and your “hands-on” business experience.
  2. You can quietly scan different types of prospects in industries your may want to study and expand your area of investment without identifying yourself immediately for your security.
  3. Meet entrepreneurs on ongoing businesses that may need your expertise and guidance.
  4. Get a feel for overall business activities in your area of interest.

Do You Need to Become a Member?

Being a member qualifies you to receive the minutes/details of each meeting.


You are constantly reminded about meetings so you are current on the business developments in your areas of interest.


You go to the meetings and meet real-life entrepreneurs and get exposed to real live presentations.


You meet other business angels and exchange ideas.

How to Join:

There are 2 ways to become a member:

  • Local (Real-World) Membership
      • This means you are based in the Philippines, and you are able to attend 4 consecutive PhilVenCap meetings upon the invitation of a core member, or by signing up here.
  • International (Virtual) Membership
      • This means you are not based in the Philippines, but you have applied for membership and have been approved. This also means that PhilVenCap will make special arrangements so you can receive the full minutes of each meeting, and grant you access to members-only databases.

   You can start your membership process now by clicking here.





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